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List of Valid Government IDs accepted when applying Loans in the Philippines 2023

After learning about all the types of loans and conducting research on what the best loan product is for your needs, you’re then ready to fill out an application form. Aside from the form itself, you’ll need to have other bits of information and documentation handy to enter into your application – one of those is valid government IDs. Thus, it is important to understand what most lenders need to see and why they’re asking for it, so you can apply right away and get the ball rolling.

What is considered a Valid ID in the Philippines?

Just because your ID is issued by the government or by a legitimate company doesn’t mean that lenders will accept it right off the bat. Not all IDs are accepted and so it is important to remember that an ID must be valid before you apply for a loan.

An ID that’s valid must have been issued by the government authority, provincial, or territorial and must not be expired. It must also include your:

  • name
  • birthdate
  • photo
  • Signature


The updated list of Valid Government IDs Philippines 2023 

Now that you know what IDs are valid and acceptable, here is the list of valid government IDs accepted when applying for loans in the Philippines 2023:


National ID

The Philippine National ID is the official national identity card for Filipinos worldwide and foreign permanent residents here in the Philippines. This ID is part of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys), the national identification system that has been implemented by the Philippine government.

This ID was implemented according to Republic Act No. 11055 (Philippine Identification System Act), which aims to establish a single national identification system for all Filipino citizens and resident aliens in the Philippines.

Photo taken from https://www.philsys.gov.ph/philsys-number/

To register for a National ID, log on to this link.



The UMID, short for Unified Multi-Purpose ID, is a Philippine identity card that was developed as a single card between the four government-related agencies such as the Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Philippine Health Insurance Corp (PhilHealth), and the Pag-IBIG Fund (Home Development Mutual Fund). Think of it like a powerful 4-in-1 card for your transactions with the above-mentioned agencies. The UMID Card can also be used as an ATM card to withdraw SSS Loans and Benefits.

Photo taken from here.

To register for a UMID Card, read the requirements through this link.


Driver’s License

A driver’s license is one form of identification granted by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) that serves as a permit for someone to drive a vehicle in the Philippines.

A student permit is needed first before you can apply for a driver’s license, authorizing you to drive a vehicle as long as you have a licensed driver accompanying you. This student permit is valid for a year.

On the other hand, a non-professional driver’s license permits you to drive any licensed private automobile. You need to apply for this license within 12 months from the time your student permit was issued.

You may register for an account through this link.



If you’re wanting to travel to a different country, a passport, issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), is what you’ll need. This has a ten-year validity period for Filipinos who are 18 years or older and a five-year period for those below 18 years old.

Photo taken from here.

Apply for a Philippine Passport through this link



Every taxpayer who is registered with the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) is recommended to get a TIN ID as proof of membership. The good news is that it is free and never expires. Unlike other IDs with expiration dates, your TIN ID is valid forever so you don’t need to renew it after a period of time.

You may register for a TIN ID through this link.


Philhealth ID

The PhilHealth Identification Number (also called PhilHealth ID number) is a unique and permanent number issued to anyone who registers for a PhilHealth membership. This ID certifies that the cardholder and their qualified dependents are entitled to Philhealth benefits and privileges provided by the National Health Insurance Program of the government.

Just like the TIN ID, it is free of charge and has no expiration date.

You may apply for membership online through their website or personally at the nearest PhilHealth branch. Remember though that the ID application process varies slightly depending if you’re an employed or an unemployed/self-employed individual.


Other IDs stated below can be claimed from your LGU, employer, or authorized institution:


  • Senior Citizen ID
  • SSS ID
  • COMELEC / Voter’s ID / COMELEC Registration Form
  • Pag-ibig ID
  • Philhealth
  • School ID
  • Employee’s ID / Office Id
  • NBI Clearance 
  • Other IDs with picture and signature


Now that you know the list of government IDs accepted when applying for loans in the Philippines, are you going to get one anytime soon? We hope you don’t discount the importance of having these particular government-issued IDs especially when you are trying to apply for a loan. Sure, it can be quite a hassle to queue up for hours to get government IDs but don’t you think that the pros still outweigh the cons? 

From experience, getting one more IDs benefits you in the long run especially when requirements are needed to be submitted asap.

Once you’re ready with your IDs and other requirements, you may start applying for an RFC loan through this link.

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